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Dividends Horizon

Dividends Horizon
Knoll Office
Jeffrey Bernett
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Knoll Dividends Horizon workstations

Designed by Jeffery Bernett , Nicolas Dodziuk and David Noel

New Range and Vocabulary

Dividends Horizon® advances the evolution of Dividends with new aesthetic and functional refinements, including Open Weave Fabric Screens, Thin Window Frames, Open Base Panels, an Open Leg Worksurface Support, Table Desks and Credenzas that define the individual workspace.

Dividends and Sustainable Design

Manufactured using clean technology, including water-based adhesives, powder coating on metal, powder coating on wood and UV-cured wood coating, all of which are virtually VOC-free.

Available in FSC-certified composite wood
Dividends can help meet the U.S. Green Building Council LEED requirements

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Take Back Policy

Dedece offers a take-back policy on all our items, whether commercial or residential, to reduce the amount of furniture going to landfill.

Most Knoll products have a second or more lifetime usage capability so we have arrangements with organisations that are willing to take & use our second-hand furniture.

We have also found ways to recycle plastics, timbers & metals when the furniture can no longer be used.


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Product Designer

Jeffrey Bernett

Jeffrey Bernett

Knoll Office

In 1995 Jeffrey Bernett founded New York based studio B as a multidisciplinary design consultancy with particular focus on furniture and household products. At the May 1996 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York City, Bernett presented his first collection of furniture accessories / objects which were awarded in 1996 Editor's Award for the "Best of Show" in its category. B... More

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