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Robert Reuter & Charles Rozier
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Knoll Currents Workstations

Designed by Robert Reuter and Charles Rozier

Fixed Equals Flexible 

Currents is designed to support technology while simultaneously facilitating change. The service wall accommodates unlimited lay-in cable distribution anywhere on the face of the stud wall-like structure

Cables are accessible behind removable covers, even with wall-mounted components

Design That Adapts

Currents is designed for versatility, a comprehensive system that creates high-performance open plan, teaming and private office areas. Currents also integrates seamlessly with Knoll systems panels, worksurfaces and storage to enhance performance. Mobility and flexibility are inherent in the spine wall

Planning Freedom Equals User Control

Off-module planning enhances design flexibility
Add-up panels facilitate privacy
Tables, desks and storage are available on casters for quick reconfiguration
Crank-adjustable large table desks offer versatility
Mobile screens define space


Outlets above or below worksurface, up to four duplex outlets every 12”, or in the base of the wall
Lay in cable distribution without removing attached panels, worksurfaces or storage
Currents and Sustainable Design Manufactured using clean technology, including water-based adhesives, powder coating on metal, powder coating on wood and UV-cured wood coating, all of which are virtually VOC-free
Available in FSC-certified composite wood


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Take-back policy

Dedece offers a take-back policy on all our items, whether commercial or residential, to reduce the amount of furniture going to landfill.

Most Knoll products have a second or more lifetime usage capability so we have arrangements with organisations that are willing to take & use our second-hand furniture.

We have also found ways to recycle plastics, timbers & metals when the furniture can no longer be used.


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Product Designer

Robert Reuter & Charles Rozier

Robert Reuter & Charles Rozier

Knoll Office

Reuter, Robert     born 1950 Birthplace: USA He lives and works as a designer on the north shore of Long Island. Reuter has served as an adjunct faculty in industrial design at Tech for many years. After earning a degree in architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Robert Reuter spent three years developing the Morrison office system for Knoll with Andrew Morr... More

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