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Knoll A3 Office System

A3 is the unique alternative to conventional open plan office systems. A3 is designed to improve the quality and comfort of the individual work environment while enlivening the open office landscape.

A3 offers unlimited planning freedom, without the complex interdependencies of ordinary systems. Workstations can be arranged and clustered without the usual rigid planning modules or fixed angles. Workstations can be reconfigured independently.

A3 has a simple, manageable range of workstation shapes, desk and tables, storage options and accessories, lighting and modular power distribution.

A3 frames, screens and work surfaces can be ordered as complete workstations, eliminating the tedium of choosing component sizes, brackets or connectors.

A3 is ergonomically and technically competent. Work surfaces are adjustable in height for user comfort. A3 neatly manages power and communications within and between workstations.

A3 is made of new materials like tubular steel frames with translucent, tensile mesh screens, UV-cured, powder painted work surfaces with resilient palm rest, and injection-moulded storage components with tactile pulls.

A3 is environmentally responsible. A3 has lower overall material content than typical panel systems. Steel tubes, wood work surfaces and shelves have a high percentage of recycled material. Moulded plastic storage components are available in high-recycled content colours enabling complete A3 workstations with more than 50 percent recycled content.

What is A3 Workstations?

A3 typical workstations are complete assemblies of the frames, screens and work surfaces needed to plan and specify A3 office landscapes. Because A3 workstations are structurally independent, assemblies-not-components-are the fundamental planning units.

A3 assemblies include six workstation types: Urba, Ellipt, Sola, Arca, Arc, Desk and Mitt.
Each of these types can also be built from individual components to eliminate screens or work surfaces as required.

A3 workstations and clusters are completed by adding Vela mobile screens, Slipp, Nest and Pika tables, mobile and overhead storage components, accessories, lighting and power components.

A3 components are like no other office system, with unique forms, materials, and attention to detail. Translucent screen enclosures create a new balance of privacy and openness. Resilient palm rest, door and drawer pulls offer a tactile interface for the user. Durable UV-cured, powder-coat painted wood shelves and work surfaces have seamless edges. Storage components of injection-moulded, colour-integral ABS elevate A3 beyond ordinary office furniture.

A3 is the sum of these components:
Structural frames and corresponding mesh fabric screens, work surfaces, tables, mobile storage, overhead storage, accessories and power distribution.

The component matrix lets you focus on each component from any angle and review features, dimensions, materials and capabilities.

A3 workstations may be arranged individually or combined in an infinite variety of clusters to build open office landscapes.
A3 can plan in space efficient rows or in group arrangements around spaces for meeting areas, lounges, storage or shared equipment. The compound curves of individual workstations always generate useful interstitial spaces and a lively topology when they are clustered. Adjacent workstations can be linked to distribute power and communications services from a single point of supply, floor, wall or ceiling.

Power and Data:

While A3 workstations can be supplied individually fro a raised floor system, power, data and communications can be also be distributed efficiently throughout a cluster of workstations. From a single point of supply Knoll modular power systems can distribute four or six 20-amp circuits, enough to support nine or more linked workstations with both convenience and protected computer power. Standard Knoll power systems include 2+2, and eight wire, four-circuit system and 3+3, a ten wire, six-circuit system.

Cable managers on the A3 structural frames guide both power conduits and bundles of data and telecommunications cables with and between adjacent workstations.

Take Back Policy

Dedece offers a take-back policy on all our items, whether commercial or residential, to reduce the amount of furniture going to landfill.

Most Knoll products have a second or more lifetime usage capability so we have arrangements with organisations that are willing to take & use our second-hand furniture.

We have also found ways to recycle plastics, timbers & metals when the furniture can no longer be used.

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Product Designer

Hani Rashid & Lise Anne Couture

Hani Rashid & Lise Anne Couture

Hani Rashid was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1958 to a British mother and Egyptian father and raised in England and Canada (by the way - Hani is the brother of Karim Rashid). He received his bachelor of architecture degree in 1983 from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and a masters of architecture degree in 1985 from the Cranbrook academy of art in the USA. In 1988 he co-founded with partner Lise... More

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