Formula chair
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Formula chair

Formula chair
Eero Aarnio Originals
Eero Aarnio
Indent (12 - 16 weeks)
dia 130 x h. 81cm

Adelta Formula chair

Formula 1 fibreglass occasional / lounge chair.

The Formula Chair is the result of the challenge Eero Aarnio has had in mind for years: to combine the sculptural elements of his early fibreglass designs with the ergonomic solutions for comfortable sitting which are the most important aspects in his work on office chairs.

The Formula Chair Eero Aarnio says to be one of the best chairs he has ever designed.

Slightly rocking back- and forwards it is a perfect chair for relaxing with a refreshing drink after a hard days work

At the same time when Mika Häkkinen won his first Formula 1 worldchampionship, Eero Aarnio had his Formula Chair realised.

Aarnio: "When looking at a formula 1 car from above there are two very wide armrests on either side of the driver, and looking from the side there is a high headrest. When you take out the wheels, what is left is clearly a FORMULA Chair and they both move about although the car is faster."

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