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Lorenzo Forges Davanzati

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Bonacina 1889
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Lorenzo Forges Davanzati


Lorenzo Forges Davanzati

Lorenzo Forges Davanzati

Lorenzo Forges Davanzati lives and works in Milan. His production ranges in the various fields of architecture involving different disciplines. Together with Prof. Daniele Marini and Prof. Stefania Mason researching the refunds and reinterpretations of Virtualli architectural backgrounds such as, The Last Supper by Leonardo.

The scope of his architect stood especially in Milan and Lombardy with projects concerning different scales of intervention, with coordinated actions with local governments and Anas for the road and the study of ' environmental impact to the urban projects.

The activities carried out in this period are characterized by the strong presence of research and experimentation in an atmosphere of great ferment design. Both the technical outlook for the vibrancy of the sector in the face of a growing housing demand, integrated the application of new planning tools and cooordination with cooperative initiatives.

LFD has always been careful to be at the center of the problems associated with the demands of living space. Some realizations, given in retrospect, may seem outdated or just an successful but remain significant.

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Bonacina 1889 / Lorenzo Forges Davanzati

Designed by Lorenzo Forges Davanzati for Vittorio Bonacina in 1957, the 444 lounge has an air of classic contemporary elegance. available in natural finish. The chaise is available in two versions: p... More

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