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Davide Groppi
Davide Groppi
Indent (12 - 16 weeks)

A play on words between “chain” and “chandeliere”.

 A play on words between “chain” and “chandeliere”. I was looking for a chandelier, something new, but classic.I wanted something simple, but with character.

Like a pearl necklace.

A chandelier that would allow us to solve the eternal problem of decentralisation.

ChainDelier is a golden chain that bends under its own weight, creating a perfect parabola and projecting light from its bottommost point.
Gold is the ultimate metal. It is a metaphor of energy and desire. It is also the ideal metal to conduct electricity.

Shining with golden rays like a modern version of a chandelier from Versailles, it is at the same time simple and linear.
ChainDelier can be whatever the user wants it to be, inserting more chains and/or lighting devices, with the lights facing up or down.

The number of lighting combinations makes this lamp truly unique.

Product Designer

Davide Groppi

Davide Groppi

Davide Groppi

A STORY. A STORY OF LAMPS. Since the end of the eighties Davide Groppi has designed lamps which he manufactures and distributes all over the world through a company with his own name. Since the beginning Davide Groppi has been standing out for his interest in technology and innovation, his care for design, his humanistic approach to the project, his international attitude, his awareness towards ... More

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