Cherner Metal Base Chair
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Cherner Metal Base Chair

Cherner Metal Base Chair
Cherner Chair Company
Norman Cherner
Indent (10 weeks)
Metal, Timber
Technical information:

Cherner Metal Base Chair

The 1958 molded plywood stacking chairs by Norman Cherner are perfect for home, office or cafe.

The seat is made of laminated plywood of graduated thickness, from 15 plys to 5 plys at the perimeter of the shell.

The curves of the molded plywood shell and the slender lines of bright chrome make the metal base chair an elegant alternative to the wood base chair.

In casual or formal settings, metal base chairs are stack-able, strong, and lightweight.

The metal base armchair has solid wood armrests and a one piece bright chrome arm, available with upholstered pads.

Reissued from Norman Cherner's drawings and molds and like the original, made in the U.S.A.

Product Designer

Norman Cherner

Norman Cherner

Cherner Chair Company

Although best known for his furniture design, Norman Cherner's work included almost all aspects of design: from graphics, glassware and lighting, to his pioneering work in prefabricated housing. Educated in the Bauhaus tradition of interdisciplinary design, he became interested in housing as industrial design. His first houses were built in 1948 for a cooperative housing development in Ramapo... More

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