Cherner Children's Furniture Collection
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Cherner Children's Furniture Collection

Cherner Children's Furniture Collection
Cherner Chair Company
Benjamin Cherner
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Cherner Children's Furniture Collection

Children’s Classroom Tables (2007) by Benjamin Cherner.

Molded plywood tables are beautiful and durable. Perfect for home or school. 30”x 30” table seats four, 40”x 40” table has a recessed storage bin and seats eight.

Children's classroom Chair (2007) designed by Benjamin Cherner.

A molded plywood children’s chair made with the same attention to detail as the adult classic, but with a unique shape and proportion for children.

Durable and beautiful for home or school. Available in a 12” or 15”seat height.

Tables and chairs are available in a clear birch or ‘Stella Orange’ finish. Made in USA.


Product Designer

Benjamin Cherner

Benjamin Cherner

Cherner Chair Company

Benjamin Cherner is the son of the furniture designer Norman Cherner and founder of the Cherner Chair Company. He heads the multi-disciplinary design studio Chernerdesign. His most recent work, a duplex penthouse in New York's East Village has been featured in Dwell magazine and the New York Open House tour. His building designs often incorporate his father's as well as his own furniture designs. ... More

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