Considered one of the most innovative furniture companies in Brazil, SOLLOS is a young and dynamic brand that invests in creative processes of production.

Its products translate lasting values with quality and timeless aesthetics, generating new identifications and experiences of use.

Managed by the entrepreneurs Cláudio Frank and João Frank, with a tradition of more than twenty years in wood manufacturing, SOLLOS has two production units in Santa Catarina, in  Brazil’s South.

All the manufacturing process is intimately associated with the design of products, the lastest generation equipment allied to craft techniques warrant a sophisticated and precise result.

Developed under the creative direction of the designer Jader Almeida, the collection offers now around 200 items, distributed all over Brasil and overseas.

Attentive to the preservation of the natural resources, SOLLOS promotes the rational use of raw materials, besides investing in the treatment of 100% of production residues.

All the wood used comes from sustainable management areas and the components have a low impact on the environment.

Eleven years ago, we realized that, in order to grow, investing in a concept, identity and quality was necessary. From then on, we have chosen to use designing as a strategic tool and integrating element of our production chain.

This decision has caused SOLLOS to become known as an innovative company.

We seek to integrate the best of our culture to international references through the rational use of wood as a raw material, a method and production control which are in agreement with all the ecological requirements, and the investment in the use cutting edge technology equipment along with artisanal techniques.

Our wide and consistent production presents a balanced variety of typologies which seek the simplicity and perfection of shapes. This concern results in timeless pieces that have been recognized for their elegance and novelty.

This recognition motivated us in 2014 to invest in the expansion of our international boundaries.

This year, we aim to expand our portfolio through the partnership with other designers who possess language and thinking that are coherent with the company’s philosophy.

In this light, beginning in 2016, we have also begun to produce and commercialize in Brazil a line of products by the Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira.

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Blade Bench

Blade Bench

Sollos / Jader Almeida

Solid wood frame strapped and composed by foam covered with fabric seat. Also available in a straw rattan design.  The Blade bench was the winner in the furniture category of the 25th edition of... More

Celine Lounge Chair

Celine Lounge Chair

Sollos / Jader Almeida

The big news for 2017 is the new collection of CELINE armchairs designed by Jader Almeida, presented for the first time to the international market. The frame and back are made of solid wood (black w... More

Clad Armchair

Clad Armchair

Sollos / Jader Almeida

Solid wood structure in natural or dyed finishing with a solid wood seat and backrest. Available in different wood finishes all ideal for any situation.  More

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