After listening to countless requests from fellow Architects to see his father's designs reissued, Benjamin Cherner decided to join with his brother Thomas to form the Cherner Chair Company in 1999.

Since then the Cherner Chair Company has brought back into production many of Benjamin's and Thomas's father Norman Cherner's most popular designs.

Utilizing his original drawings and specifications, the reissued designs are manufactured with the same attention to detail found in the original hand made classics.

In addition to reissuing the molded plywood chairs, stools and tables, The Cherner Chair Company has introduced new designs by Benjamin Cherner.

The primary environmental philosophy of the Cherner Chair Co is that ..... " You will never find a Cherner Chair product in a landfill  "

Cherner designs are featured in design collections worldwide, our products are manufactured to last, to cherish, and to hand down to future generations.

All components of Cherner Chair products are replaceable, insuring that our chairs, tables, and stools can be indefinitely kept in service.

NB  The Cherner Chair Company is the sole licensor of Norman Cherner and Benjamin Cherner designs.


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